Wifi Optimization or Guest Access

Is your wifi network not reaching far enough? Do you have frequent disconnects? Is your network secure from hackers and unauthorized users? I can help with any of these issues.

Or perhaps you would like to set up a guest network? This extra feature of many wifi routers can be used for guests to your facility, but it is also a great way to give your employees access to broadband for personal use while on the job. But the difference between using a guest network and allowing personal use of business systems is that guest network web surfing from an employee-owned smartphone won’t put your business computers and operations at risk to hackers and malware infections. It’s just an extra layer of protection for your business assets.

We may be able to address any or all of these issues inexpensively using the capabilities built in to your existing network equipment. I don’t sell computer hardware, so I’m not predisposed to upgrading you to expensive new equipment. If we need to upgrade, I’ll tell you what to get and where to get it at a good price.

Having Rock Solid systems doesn’t have to be expensive!

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