"Don't Just Fix It, Make It Rock Solid!"


From small businesses and home offices to large corporations and government entities,

Jim Rothe at Rock Solid Systems Support has been providing computer and network support since 1985. Through more than 30 years, he has remained responsive to the ever-changing industry without sacrificing superior customer service.

Rock Solid Systems Support eliminates the stress and confusion about computer operations. We keep a close eye on your network so you can concentrate on what you do best and have the confidence to build your business. If problems arise, we are there to help troubleshoot and repair, and teach you how to operate your systems more efficiently and securely.

We realize that when your system is down, your business and earning potential suffer.

Helping to further enhance our expertise is our personable, compassionate and timely service that surpasses that of any of the larger IT companies.

And now we’re taking our service one step further by offering monthly maintenance opportunities where we ensure that computer security and reliability best practices are being implemented. Why wait for a security breech, crashed system or loss of data?  We believe in preventing catastrophes before they happen by taking measures like managing system updates and patches, properly configuring and managing network and systems access, bolstering and maintaining back-up systems, and installing any software or applications you may need and periodic oversight of your systems.

So why not put your mind at ease by turning to Rock Solid Systems Support to give you the relief you need? We safeguard your systems, reduce risk and ensure everything runs smoothly all the time.  We have a knack for spotting and fixing IT infrastructure mistakes and problems that lower productivity and create problems for end-users.

Jim updated my old warhorse of a laptop with a solid state hard drive and the difference in performance is dramatic, it’s faster than it was when it was new! But Rock Solid Systems service was better than a renewed laptop. Jim too the time to explain everything, answer questions and talk about some of my IT concerns. If you need digital service and a personal touch, Jim is your guy.