Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrade

Fast. Reliable. Virtually damage-proof!

Those are the advantages to replacing your old, mechanical hard drive with an all-electronic solid-state drive (SSD). Computer start-up times will be cut to as little as one-third of the previous power-on waiting period, programs will load much quicker, and if you have any disk-intensive activities like video-processing, you may very well gain back HOURS of your work day!

Laptop users gain another benefit in that the solid state drive is highly resistant to impacts and dropping. Most laptops with a SSD will easily be able to sustain a four foot drop off of a table without losing any data. (The case and screen may get damaged, but the data and programs will very likely all be there.) And tossing a laptop bag into the footwell of your car will no longer risk all of your work. If you are a traveling salesman, field technician, or any other type of road warrior, this is an invaluable extra level of insurance.

Make it Rock Solid! And FAST!

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