Malware and Virus Removal

Sure, I can remove malware. Most decent computer techs can, and they’re likely to use many of the same tools that I do.

What they won’t do is follow up by configuring your computer to be resistant to 90 to 95% of any NEW malware attacks, including most of the latest ransomware. They may suggest installing an anti-malware program, but that will likely be no more effective than that antivirus program that you already have on your computer. The problem is that most malware installers use stealth technologies that prevent them from being recognized by antivirus and anti-malware scanners until AFTER they are installed and have been running on your computer. My procedures prevent them from being installed in the first place.

It’s not expensive or particularly time-consuming, but it will take a little coordination among user (you) and technician (me) to get things set up and working smoothly. Once we’re done setting things up, you won’t notice anything but a smooth-running, safe and reliable computer.

This is just one of the benefits to working with a technician with over 30 years experience, including as a cybersecurity consultant to the US Army for over 10 years! So don’t just fix it. Make it Rock Solid!

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