Data Recovery

When a hard drive starts having problems reading files or the system won’t boot, and you haven’t been backing up your system, sometimes we can recover your data or the whole system with minimal expense. I have a few tricks that I’ve learned over my 30-plus years in tech support, and you’re not going to get these efforts from any of the big box stores’ tech support staff. They just want to sell you a new hard drive and bill you their standard rate for reinstalling a bare operating system and disregarding your data!

But I am more interested in preserving your work and your files. I have tools and techniques that may be able to restore full functionality to your existing drive. Failing that, we’ll get your data moved off of the drive for restoration to another drive or system. This is the route to take before you get involved in hard drive recovery services like clean-room repair of a drive for several hundred or even thousands of dollars.

And by the way – when we’re done, we’re going to get your automated backup system up to snuff! Don’t just fix it – make it Rock Solid!

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