The One-Time Tune-Up

This is perfect for small businesses and residential customers that thought that they were too small to take advantage of a maintenance contract that includes enterprise-grade security and reliability practices. We’ll get an automated backup system set up, make sure all operating system and program upgrades are properly applied, review your network and wifi configuration and assure that your antivirus and security software is squared away.

Most importantly, I will configure your system with proper account controls that can eliminate 90-95% of the risk of future malware or ransomware infections. Finally, I can teach you or your staff how to periodically check on these settings to make sure that your system remains safe and reliable. There’s no flat rate pricing on this service, as it depends upon how badly neglected the system was in the first place, but most systems will take one to two hours to get squared away. But this is the least expensive, most cost-effective way to get your system Rock Solid!

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